Hi, it's Celosia! PokeShipping Wikia is a place for canon and fanon PokeShippers alike. I happen to be one of them. However, I can't manage users alone. That is why I need the help of admins, bureaucrats, rollbacks, moderators and chat moderators. Don't know what those are! I'll tell you all about them!

  • Admins are not neccessarily evil team leaders, like me. They keep the wiki looking sharp, while also dealing out punishment and improving the overall look of the wiki.
  • Bureaucrats are a little bit higher and tend to work alongside the founder. They oversee anything and everything and also promote admins.
  • Rollbacks are editing helpers. They go over mistakes, add categories and generally improve the look of pages on this wiki.
  • Moderators ensure that comment sections are clean. They do this by editing, deleting an generally refreshing the comments section.
  • Chat Moderators ensure that the Chat is well-stocked and the like.

Sound like a job for you? Ask me!

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