The cast of "The Legend Of Alola," by Emily Rowsell


  • Alannah Myles as Courtney Kagari, an Alolan princess and Team Magma Admin. As a result of being cursed by an Ultra Beast named Necrozma, she was sent to reside in the Ruins in the outskirts of Alola. Courtney is very insecure about her curse, and is scared to reveal herself. She is rescued from the Ruins and returned to her one true love, Maxie, and is shown to be visibly pregnant.
  • Jason Sarandon as Guzma Dresden, leader of Team Skull and husband of Lusamine. He desires to live his life free of others, but is disappointed when Aether Paradise suddenly becomes overrun with others. After hearing about Courtney Kagari, he sets off to save her, believing Maxie will allow him his Aether Paradise if he returns with her. However, with a legendary dragon type Pokemon, it won't be easy.
  • Jayma Mays as Lusamine Dresden, Guzma's newly pregnant wife. She is fiercely loyal to Guzma, and would do anything for him. However, her relationship with her stepdaughter Plumeria, is far from ideal, and the two clash frequently. She later gives birth to her son, Gladion Dresden, and is revealed to have another child, Lillie Dresden, several years later.
  • Kali Rivest as Plumeria Dresden, daughter of Guzma Dresden and stepdaughter of Lusamine Dresden. She and her stepmother clash frequently due to Plumeria not accepting Lusamine the way she did with her birth mother, Sarah. She is also disappointed that they are having a child, as she was being ignored. Despite this, she loves her younger brother and sister, Gladion & Lillie, very much.
  • Roxanne London as Kira, a legendary dragon type Pokemon that resides in the Ruins. Though she is shy, she proves to be a formidable opponent, having killed several Team Magma grunts. However, she is fiercely loyal to Courtney, and will risk anything for her. Kira also develops a crush on Sans, a shiny Xerneas that accompanied Guzma Dresden on his mission to save Courtney from the Ruins.
  • Adrian Duval as Ghetsis Harmonia, leader of Team Plasma. From the start, he opposed the authority of Maxie, ruler of Alola, and divided the region in two. He desires the love of Courtney Kagari, but is hesitant to save her due to the massive risk. However, he is still determined to win Courtney's love, but unfortunately for Ghetsis, he is killed by Kira and Sans.
  • Jaimee Kennedy as Sans, a shiny Xerneas. He was gifted with the power to make anyone immortal, and was captured by Team Magma for accidentally making Alolan serial killer Chara, immortal. He has a crush on legendary dragon type Pokemon Kira, though she happens to be a Reshiram. Sans owes his life to Guzma Dresden, and is willing to do anything for him.
  • Lucas Reis as Maxie, leader of the highly elite Team Magma and ruler of the Alola region. His loyalty towards Courtney is undying, and he will risk his own life and the lives of his team members to save her from the Ruins. Though his authority is challenged by Ghetsis, he supported his followers to the end. Since Courtney returned from the Ruins, they have had a daughter, named Winona.

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