The Legend of Alola is the first installation of a crossover created by Emily Rowsell. It focuses on Guzma Dresden, the leader of Team Skull, who ends up on a mission to rescue Courtney Kagari, a Team Magma Admin cursed by the Ultra Beast Necrozma. 


Courtney Kagari, an Alolan princess and Team Magma Admin, had the unfortunate destiny to be cursed at birth by Necrozma, an Ultra Beast known for completely taking over its victim completely. As a result, she was kept in the Ruins, located in the outskirts of Alola, until she could be saved from her curse. However, the dragon type Pokemon Reshiram (nicknamed Kira by Courtney) lived in the Ruins, and killed anyone who dared to enter. Maxie, the leader of Team Magma, had previously ordered several Team Magma grunts to rescue her, but they never returned.

Several years later, a new ruler, Ghetsis Harmonia, challenged Maxie's authority, dividing the Alola region in two. Ghetsis immediately declared that those remaining loyal to Maxie will be sent to Aether Paradise, owned by Team Skull leader Guzma Dresden, his pregnant wife, Lusamine, and stepdaughter Plumeria. 

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