Act 2 of Sweet Wallace by Emily Rowsell and Ally Akebi

(Courtney & Maxie enter.)

Magma Admin Courtney: W-where are we?

Magma Leader Maxie: Sootopolis City, I presume. We won't be going anywhere if this downpour continues for all eternity.

Magma Admin Courtney: B-but Leader Maxie, I'm pregnant and I just want to leave here!

Magma Leader Maxie: I understand, but Primal Kyogre shows no sign of ending this downpour.

Magma Admin Courtney: Can't Team Magma rescue us?

Magma Leader Maxie: I can make arrangements

Magma Admin Courtney: (clutching her head) I...I feel faint!

(Courtney passes out, unconscious. Maxie rushes to her to support her.)

Magma Leader Maxie: Courtney, your temperature has plummeted. It seems the Gym here is your last hope. Of course, Team Magma will save us, but you need to be seen immediately.

(Maxie supports Courtney from behind as they enter the Sootopolis City Gym.)

Magma Leader Maxie: Are you alright, Courtney? It seems we may have interrupted something.

Magma Admin Courtney: I don't like it here. I want to leave.

Magma Leader Maxie: I understand, Courtney, but we can't just leave. Your temperature has plummeted, and anyways, there seems to be some sort of event here.

Magma Admin Courtney: B-but Leader Maxie, I'm cold and pregnant and want to leave!

Magma Leader Maxie: Courtney, we can't just leave. I know you are pregnant, but you need to be seen by a specialist.

(Wallace gradually enters. Courtney starts to become uneasy.)

Magma Admin Courtney: I'm so scared right now. What will become of our child?

Magma Leader Maxie: I'm here. They won't do anything to hurt you, or our daughter. 

Magma Admin Courtney: Are you sure?

Magma Leader Maxie: You and your unborn child will be perfectly safe, I promise. 

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