Act 1 of Sweet Wallace by Emily Rowsell & Ally Akebi.

(Zinnia Shalour opens with "Psychic Fiction, Double Feature." Then, the scene shifts to the headquarters of Team Magma.)

Magma Admin Courtney: L-Leader Maxie! S-so sorry I'm late!

Magma Leader Maxie: Courtney? It's fine. I...I have something that I feel you should know.

Magma Admin Courtney: Y-yes? What is it?

Magma Leader Maxie: This may be a little unsettling. Are you prepared to take it all in?

Magma Admin Courtney: Of course.

Magma Leader Maxie: You know, I really like you. And in terms of engagement, you beat the other Admins.

Magma Admin Courtney: I...I don't know what to say! Oh, I'm just so pleased!

(Dawn, Valerie & Serena enter.)

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