The cast of "Sweet Wallace," a 5-part Pokemon MMD created by Emily Rowsell, Mariah Skorenky & Azra Silva.


  • Jaimee Kennedy as Wallace Mikuri, the Gym Leader of Sootpolis and curator of the Sootpolis City Gym. He is a hard partier, but also very seductive at times. His biggest claim to fame is the "creation" of Ethan Lorensky. also known as the "New Bark Boy," which he created on his own.
  • Victor Magnona as Ethan Lorensky, also known as the New Bark Boy. He is a 10 year old child from New Bark Town, brought back to life by Wallace. However, Ethan's hair is significantly much lighter, and his skin is darker than it once was. His only goal in life is to find a suitable girlfriend.
  • Erin Silva as Zinnia Shalour, a Draconid who frequents Wallace's gym. She tends to be snarky, impatient, and seductive, her current mood forever changing. She is easily identified by her forever frizzy and poofy black hair, and her bloodshot eyes.
  • Jeremy Stylinson as Steven Stone, the older brother of Courtney, husband of Shelly and brother-in-law of Maxie. He & Wallace are close friends, and as such, Steven & his wife frequent the Sootopolis Gym whenever they can. However, he later dies by slamming his Acro Bike into a concrete pole.
  • Devaney Wilson as Shelly Stone, Steven's wife & Courtney's sister-in-law. She is very restless, but always accompanies her husband wherever he goes. As a result, the two tend to frequent Wallace's gym. She doesn't really get along well with Courtney, but when Steven dies, she leans on her pregnant sister-in-law for support.
  • Markus Corrigan as Lysandre Calemite, Wallace's personal assistant. He doesn't care much for Wallace, or his frequenters, but is loyal to him and him only nonetheless. Unfortunately, Lysandre is quick-tempered and aggressive, making him the target of Wallace's fury.
  • Lucas Medeiros as Maxie Dreemurr, the leader of Team Magma, and newly engaged husband to Courtney. Though he is calm under normal circumstances, any threat made towards Courtney, as she is pregnant and vulnerable, ignites his genocidal side. He is deeply concerned for his Admin's welfare, wanting her to stay close at all times.
  • Alannah Myles as Courtney Dreemurr-Stone, a young, newly pregnant Team Magma Admin, and wife of Maxie. She is very naive and vulnerable due to her pregnancy, resulting in her trusting Maxie with not only her life, but her child's as well. Sadly, Courtney is plagued by health problems throughout her pregnancy, but she managed to survive.

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