Sweet Wallace is a Pokemon MMD  created by Emily Rowsell. It focuses on Wallace Mikuri, a well-known gym leader, taking in a young, newly expecting couple to the Sootopolis City gym for a night.


In the year 1996, 29 year old Courtney Stone (Alannah Myles) reveals to her organization, Team Magma, that she has succeeded in becoming pregnant. As her baby girl is genetically related to Maxie (Lucas Medeiros), Courtney's fiance and leader of Team Magma, she will be next in line to take over. Courtney also announces that she plans to go to Lavaridge Town, the residence of her brother, Steven (Jeremy Stylinson), to let him know of her pregnancy. Maxie, however, insists that it isn't safe for Courtney to leave alone, and decides to accompany her. 

However, the newly expecting couple learn that Primal Kyogre has been awakened and is creating a torrential downpour. Unfortunately, they accidentally enter Sootopolis City, and the only place they can stay is the iconic Sootopolis City gym. Maxie, on the other hand, is unwilling to allow Courtney to enter, and insists that she wait for Team Magma to arrive, but Courtney's temperature drops suddenly, and she loses consciousness. As Maxie rushes to her side, the curator and gym leader of Sootopolis City, Wallace Mikuri (Jaimee Kennedy), notices then and invites them in. Maxie initially refuses, but due to Courtney's sudden drop in temperature, he eventually decides it will benefit both Courtney and her unborn child. However, he secretly orders Team Magma to arrive in Sootopolis to make sure Courtney fully recovers.

Once inside, Wallace assigns Zinnia Shalour (Sienna Haydn) to take care of Courtney while he checks on his "creation" of some sort. Maxie is unwilling to let Zinnia touch her, but Courtney later regains consciousness after Zinnia accidentally touches her midsection. Courtney becomes scared, but Maxie comforts her, saying he won't let them hurt her or her child. Moments later, Wallace arrives, alongside his gym trainers: Shelly Stone (Katelyn Vicen), Lysander Williams (Markus Corrigan) and Adrian Duval (James Luden). Wallace explains that he was throwing a celebration in Sootopolis City as he had created his own dream invention. They then start a flashdance ("Don't Stop Me Now"), which is interrupted by Steven on his Acro Bike. Wallace is visibly annoyed, but Shelly gushes over him. Steven later dies by riding his Acro Bike into a concrete pole, which upsets Courtney greatly. 

Wallace takes advantage of Courtney's depression by attempting to seduce her ("Sweet Wallace"). He even goes far as to ask her to relinquish her unborn daughter to him, as he probes her midesection in a daring and intimate way. Sensing how distressed and uncomfortable Courtney looked, Maxie took her by the hand and threw himself in front of her as a way of keeping her safe. Wallace didn't give up, as he mentions that Courtney is liable to faint at any given time. Indeed, Courtney clutches her head and complains of a searing pain, before her temperature soars and she begins to shake violently. Wallace remarks that signs like this are not unusual in the 9th month or so, to which Maxie expresses disbelief that Courtney is already in her third trimester. As Courtney starts to lose consciousness, Maxie rushes to her side and gently assists his pregnant girlfriend into a semi-prone position, supporting her head and neck as he held her close to him. Wallace takes the two of them to separate rooms, saying that Courtney needs to focus on herself and her child, though she has fainted due to stress. 

After an hour, Wallace decides to seduce both sides of the newly expecting couple, starting with the sweet and innocent Courtney. Once she awakens, she is startled to see "her fiance," who is really Wallace attempting to cross-dress. She immediately rushes to him, proclaiming that he saved her life, and the two share a kiss. The two start to get more intimate, until interrupted by Maxie, who orders "Wallace" to back away from her. Courtney becomes confused and scared by the whole ordeal, but the real Maxie promises her that he won't let it happen again. Wallace rushes off, and the young couple embrace each other tight. 

Wallace lets Courtney rest, and then attempts to seduce her fiance. Unfortunately, Maxie isn't convinced, causing Wallace to use his emulator. This alone is enough to convince him, until Maxie destroys the emulator by accident. Realizing that it was Wallace, again, Maxie immediately heads for the room Courtney was held in. Wallace blocks the entrance, saying that Courtney has already found the one she loves: his creation, Ethan (Victor Hallee). Maxie demands to know where she is. Wallace asks Adrian to take him there, and prepares to go there himself.

Once inside ("The Creation") Ethan and Courtney are seen together. Wallace remarks that the two are perfect for each other, and that they shouldn't interfere with a perfect couple. Courtney and Ethan prepare to kiss each other, but then Courtney notices her fiance and rushes toward him. Maxie holds Courtney against him tight, while Ethan appears to be truly disappointed. Wallace berates the young couple for crushing Ethan's dreams, when Zinnia reports that Creation 1.2. is ready. Creation 1.2. is revealed to be Lyra-Kris (Karoline Laursen), who is a female counterpart of Ethan. Lyra-Kris is immediately smitten with Ethan, thus allowing the two to be a couple, and allows Courtney to escape the relationship altogether. Wallace remarks that his creations were truly made for each other, however, Team Magma had later arrived to rescue Maxie and Courtney. The young couple, although dissatisfied, thank Wallace for allowing them to stay, before preparing to leave. Unfortunately, as Wallace had predicted, Courtney's water breaks as they were boarding the airship. Knowing this was going to happen all along, Wallace attempts to assist, but is cut off by Team Magma, as Maxie had ordered them to keep Courtney safe while in labor. Zinnia and Shelly arrive, and rush Courtney into the True Lab, where Ethan, and Lyra-Kris were created, while Wallace attempts to calm Courtney's horrified fiance. Several hours later, Shelly exits the True Lab, carrying Courtney's infant daughter (Courtney herself was exhausted and sleeping soundly in True Lab.) Wallace is the first to hold her, and proclaims the baby girl's name as Winona. Maxie, intrigued, eventually allows Wallace to name his daughter Winona. While Courtney continues to rest peacefully, both Wallace and Maxie hold Winona, and reveal their promise to the newborn.Wallace promises Winona that she will one day be as fashion-forward and iconic as he his, Shelly swore upon her life to always remind her of Steven (her husband, and Courtney's brother), and Maxie vowed that as long as he lives, he (and more specifically, Team Magma), will protect his daughter from the terrifying Dragon-type Pokemon, Kyurem. 

After a day of recovery, Courtney is stable enough to return home. The young couple promise Wallace that they will see each other again, accompanied by their infant daughter Winona. 

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