Lilycove City, region of Hoenn, 10:35 p.m.

She was no older than five, and had the unfortunate destiny of being abandoned. She had claimed the dark alleyways in Lilycove as her home, since she was truly fending for herself. She figured she was truly alone when everyone seemed to not notice her. She felt she was an inconvenience. And she knew today would be no exception. However, she had no idea that her life was about to change in an instant. 

The little girl found herself awakened by the glaring probe of a flashlight. She was blinded, but immediately recognized the two figures standing in front of her. She knew in an instant that she was discovered by Team Magma. The radiating light made everything clear. She knew very well that unlike their rivals in Team Aqua, who are cold blooded killers at heart, Team Magma would never hurt anyone, especially an innocent child such as herself. However, being a young child in their presence is very intimidating, even knowing they would never try to hurt her. The younger female Team Magma member extended her hand towards the young girl, who became extremely nervous. She rushed off, but they gave chase to her. Overwhelmed, the young girl became paralyzed with fear. However, the female Team Magma member did not waver. She took the little girl's hand in hers, allowing her to feel calmer. Having become more trusting, the little girl held her hand tight, not wanting to ever let go. 

"Isn't she just the sweetest little thing?" the female Team Magma member said, holding the little girl close to her body. "She must have been abandoned. I don't understand why they would do this to her. We should let her stay with us."

"She's cute, but is it really a good idea to let her live in our hideout?" her male colleague replied. "You realize that Admin Courtney is pregnant, right? She's an outsider, and she could pose a danger to her unborn child."

"How could an innocent child such as her possibly harm Miss Courtney's child?"

"Courtney is extremely vulnerable when she is pregnant, and can easily become sick. If that happens, it could be passed to her child. While it most likely won't kill them, it could lead to defects. That's why I'm concerned with this plan of letting her stay."

"We should allow her to stay. I mean, it's why we are here."

"We shall take her, but it'll be up to our admins if she stays or not."

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