Shinies for our life & times is a fanfiction created by Emily Rowsell. It focuses on May Haruka, a young Pokemon Trainer and inexperienced Shiny Hunter, who wants to learn how to be the best Shiny Hunter in the Hoenn region.


>10 year old May Haruka is an experienced Pokemon Trainer, and Champion of Hoenn, but her Shiny hunting skills are seriously lacking. She complains to her dad, Gym Leader Norman, that she has never caught a Shiny in her life, but her best friend, Brendan, has 20. Norman decides to educate May in the ways of becoming a Shiny expert, and begins to explain to her several instances he remembers of those who were just like her...but were able to obtain Shinies through several means.</span>

Scene 1: 

Within Team Magma's hideout in the vast city of Lilycove, Maxie Dreemurr, the leader of the highly elite organization, was anticipating the birth of his firstborn child. Courtney Kagari, his young Admin, as well as his child's mother, wasn't feeling well, and asked her leader to get her some Tapu Koko. However, she also wanted a Shiny Eevee, to give to her child as their first Pokemon ever. Maxie promised her that he would return with a Shiny Eevee for their child, and departs for Mossdeep City, taking two Team Magma grunts with him for protection. Eventually, he discovers a Shiny Eevee, but out of nowhere, a Shiny Croagunk appears and attacks them with Poison Jab. Both of Maxie's grunts are stricken and lose consciousness, leaving him at its mercy. Ghetsis Harmonia suddenly appears, and congratulates his Shiny Croagunk, while Maxie pleads for forgiveness, saying that his girlfriend was pregnant, and wanted a Shiny Eevee for her child. Touched, Ghetsis spares Maxie's life and allows him to take the Shiny Eevee, nicknamed Tori. Courtney later goes on to safely give birth to a daughter named Winona. A few days after Winona's birth, Ghetsis invades their hideout, demanding that they give him their newborn child. Courtney becomes extremely terrified, and holds Winona close, refusing to allow anything to happen to her. Ghetsis explains to Courtney that since he spared Maxie's life, as a form of repayment, he will take Winona, saying he will just take her by force if he needs to. In order to protect Courtney and her newborn child, several Team Magma grunts surround them completely, providing a barrier between her and Ghetsis. However, Ghetsis manages to break the barrier and kidnaps Winona, leaving the hideout in the process. She is taken to the Sky Pillar, and was raised by Ghetsis for 13 years, with no memory of her past, except for Tori, her Shiny Eevee. When she is 13 years old, she became noticed in Mossdeep City just for her singing voice. However, Ghetsis forbade her from using it, so she would only use it whenever he was not around. She was eventually discovered by Tabitha Homura, a 27 year old Team Magma commander, on orders from Maxie to patrol Mossdeep in the hopes of finding her. Initially nervous by his presence, Winona begins to develop an affection for him, and the two embrace each other before being caught by Ghetsis. Ghetsis believes Tabitha is only here for Tori, and orders him to leave immediately, but Winona stops him, saying she knows he doesn't want Tori, he wants her.

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