Aidan's POV

We had just arrived in Hearthome City, Sinnoh, to rescue Danika from Team Galactic's headquarters. I was starting to get a little nervous. Leader Maxie had ordered us all to assist him, and if he's driven on saving Danika's life, he will do so at the risk of his own life. Yet, Danika is very shy, and never says much about her relationship with our leader. I think the only reason they're a couple is because she's just so scared to return to her own region, and since he saved her life, she feels safer when he's with her. However, Leader Maxie doesn't see Danika as his girlfriend, he merely sees her as an innocent little girl he feels he must keep safe from this world. I feel like it's my fault that this happened, though Leader Maxie reassured me that none of us let this occur to Danika. 

Once we arrived at Team Galactic's headquarters, Leader Maxie briefed us about Danika's condition. I tried to keep myself from crying while I stood beside him, holding his hand. He could've been holding Danika's hand right now...but if we don't move quickly, Danika could be dead.

"Alright. We of Team Magma are on the side of justice. Victory here today means that all of you return to Hoenn safely. However, if Danika's welfare is compromised, we must protect her with our own lives. Keep that firmly in mind. Danika will stay with me once we find her. The rest of you will deal with Team Galactic and secure an escape route. We will be considered defeated if either Danika or myself die here."

Within seconds, we had burst through Team Galactic's supposedly impenetrable headquarters, determined to return Danika with us. Unfortunately, Team Galactic had released Mind Control serum, the same serum they used on Danika. As I held my breath and tried to avoid it, I realized why Maxie wanted us to avoid Danika: she would only remember him. 

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