Danika's POV


I had sacrificed my own life to save the lives of the ones I loved. I was gunned down in a hail of bullets, desperately trying to stay determined, but it ultimately proved fatal. I crashed to the ground with no life within me to continue onward. I'm trying not to cry...I want to be brave. I want to believe that I can survive this...I can win. But I know it will never occur.

Leader Maxie rushed to my side, taking me in his arms as I transitioned into the afterlife. I had never imagined how much pain this was causing him. He was the one that wanted to save my life 2 years prior. Will he understand my sacrifice? I don't know, but I'm trying to desperately survive. Even he knows that I will not make it. However, I had just enough breath within me to say how much I truly loved him.

"I...I did this for you...You know I wouldn't let Cyrus, or Team Galactic do this to you. You came in here determined to save my life, but now...I'm saving yours. I want you to remember me, forever. Keep this memory close forevermore. I'll see you on the other side. Be careful. I love you."

And with that, my eyes closed for the last time. I was so scared, not only for myself, but for Leader Maxie as well. Death is not an experience you look forward to. My only wish is that he could live longer than I could. But is that too much to ask? Can I be forgiven for all I've done? Arceus only knows....

Maxie's POV

It's official, now. Danika, my one true love that I have tried to keep safe from this world, is now gone. She spent her last moments here in my arms at Galactic HQ. She sacrificed her own sheltered life to save mine. All this time I have kept her life safe with my own. Even in death, she still is radiant and beautiful. It's like she knew this would happen. However, I will not easily forgive Cyrus for her death. Even if it ends in genocide, I will avenge Danika's death. It didn't have to end this way. The what-if's are starting to bother me greatly. What if it was reversed? I know very well I would stand in front of a bullet to defend Danika, but she would be left without someone that truly loves her. That's even worse than losing Danika. It''s not right to let this occur to someone so fragile and helpless, yet showed true determination in the face of a crisis. For some reason, I wanted Danika to be completely safe in my care. However, this mission is not truly over. I will avenge her heroic sacrifice at the risk of my own life. 

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