Saving The World From Desolation is the third edition of "Dating A Team Magma Girl." It focuses on Skyla's mission to eliminate Team Galactic, which backfires and leaves her trapped in their headquarters. It also follows Brendan & Maxie spearheading a rescue mission to ultimately save her & end Team Galactic's reign of terror in the Sinnoh region. It is written by Celosia Dias.

The Story Thus Far

In this edition, Skyla is sent to Sinnoh to eliminate Team Galactic, though her leader, Maxie, has put every precaution in place to ensure her safety while in another region. This involves clipping a tracking device in the form of a hairpin to the side of Skyla's head. Ultimately, this only lasts for a few days, as Team Galactic notices who she is immediately. Without warning, Skyla is knocked unconscious & wakes up several agonizing hours later trapped in a holding cell in Team Galactic's HQ. Her tracking device has also been shattered, as well as her Holo Caster, leaving her totally helpless. 

On the other hand, Maxie receives word that Skyla's tracking device has been broken, & immediately sends a Holo Clip to her, which comes out as static. Extremely concerned for Skyla's well-being, he orders that a rescue mission be carried out in the Sinnoh region, and every team member is required to assist. They obey him without question, and after getting suited up, they depart for Team Galactic's base of operations, located in Hearthome City. 

Skyla, however, is slated to be interrogated by the Team Galactic admins, and naturally, resists. Commander Destinie feels sorry for her & wishes to let her go, but the other two edge her out & proceed to torture Skyla unneccessarily, inject her with a Mind Control serum (which she supposedly has immunity to) & lock her in another holding cell, with Team Galactic members keeping an eye on her. Skyla is exhausted from the treatment & ends up lapsing into unconsciousness.

Team Magma had now landed in Hearthome City, and prepare a plan for rescuing Skyla. Once the plans are put into place by their leader, Brendan & Diantha make themselves useful & hurry away two members of Team Galactic stationed outside of the compound. With them out of the way, Team Magma storms inside, revolvers drawn, looking everywhere for Skyla. Team Galactic respond by locking Skyla in another room, and releasing Mind Control serum. Team Magma have built up immunities to Mind Control serums, and keep going like nothing ever happened. They then close in on the room Skyla is held in. Recognizing Skyla's cries of dispair, Diantha attempts to enter using her Key Card, but it is chained from the inside. Skyla can't help herself, either, as she is tied up forcefully & her hands are taped & bound behind her. Realizing that force is the only way to save her & gain an entrance, Maxie hesitantly allows one of his team members to kick it down. After signalling, a male Team Magma member steps forward & gains entrance with two sharp kicks. The rest of the team rushes to Skyla's side, and gently remove the restraints placed on her. As she is very weak & disoriented, Maxie picks her up & orders his team to leave immediately. While they make their escape, they are confronted by the leader of Team Galactic, Cyrus, who demands to have Skyla. Team Magma refuses to allow Skyla into the hands of Team Galactic, but Cyrus is determined to have her. While the two teams fight, Maxie, Diantha & Brendan escape with Skyla, who later awakens in the arms of her leader. She is a bit confused, but then demands to be put down. Maxie is hesitant to do so, out of fear that Team Galactic will kill her, but Skyla insists that she will be fine. However, Team Galactic surrounds them, preventing their escape. Cyrus later shows up at their side, ordering Skyla to be returned. Diantha & Skyla hold onto each other tight, and Diantha makes Skyla promise that if anything happens to her, to not inform Cynthia. Cyrus is still determined to have Skyla, and ends up attacking the four of them. Diantha, Maxie & Brendan surround Skyla to protect her from Cyrus, however, at the last moment, Skyla sacrifices herself, and is severely wounded by Cyrus. 

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