Rival Ambitions is the fourth edition of "Dating A Team Magma Girl." Following the previous edition's events, it focuses on Diantha & Cynthia going behind enemy lines to uncover a conspiracy revolving around their little sister, Danika. And Danika (who sacrificed herself to save Maxie & Brendan's lives), is fully revived, but is kept under close watch. It is written by Aliana Akebi.


After Danika sacrificed her own life to save the life of her leader, Maxie returns to the Hoenn regon with his team, carrying Danika's lifeless body with him. Initially isolating himself after Danika's death, he realizes that he may be able to revive Danika back to life, He takes Danika's body to the very same room he used to place her in a coma, attached electrodes to her chest and forehead, and inserts several IVs into her left hand. The IVs would deliver a steady dose of Life Energy, needed to revive Danika back to life, and the electrodes monitored her heart rate. Concerned for Danika, Maxie remained at her side, holding her hand and constantly checking her heart monitor to see if their was any recorded activity.

A week later, Danika's heart monitor begins to show activity. A day later, Danika regained consciousness, but was heavily disoriented. As Maxie rushes to her side, she immediately recognizes him and hugs him tight. Tired from her ordeal, she immediately takes a rest, while Maxie, relieved, stays by her side.

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