Pokemon Generations Episode 4 "On A Wingull & A Prayer" by Emily Rowsell


  • Red: Nate Marshall
  • Brock: Lucas Medeiros
  • May: Aidan Fraser
  • Courtney: Sarah Rivest
  • Maxie: Lucas Reis
  • Tabitha: Callum Prior
  • Winona: Nadia Skorenky
  • Asriel: Jasper Danielson
  • Valerie: Danika Walsh
  • Serena: Emily Bertrand
  • Calem: Toby Collier
  • Elesa: Grace Moore
  • Skyla: Daphne Callaghan
  • Lucas: Victor Preston
  • Brendan: Marcus Stevenson
  • Ryan: Jason Reina


May, Red & Brock arrive in Rustboro City after Red manages to earn his first gym badge. Red is eagerly awaiting his second gym battle in Dewford, but he needs a way to get there. May offers to help, and finds Ryan and his Wingull. He agrees to help May, and she rushes back to explain it to her friends. Unfortunately for Ryan, he is being watched by Team Aqua member, Brendan. Valerie Dreemurr, a Kalosian Team Magma grunt who was off-duty, immediately informed her superior, Courtney about the tense situation through her commlink, and requested backup. While Brendan left, Valerie continued to report back, and devised a plan, herself.

In Team Magma's secret base, Courtney is alone with her leader and true love, Maxie, who confesses his undying love for her. However, Valerie informs Courtney that she is needed as backup for a tense situation involving Team Aqua. Courtney tries to leave, but is stopped by Maxie, who insists that it it is not safe for her to leave their hideout alone. She reassures him that she will be okay, and he agrees to let her go. However, since he is concerned for Courtney's safety, Maxie does not take any chances with her, ordering 20 members of Team Magma to keep watch over his young Admin and protect her from the threat of Team Aqua. 

May, Red and Brock arrive later, but Brendan confronts them using Sharpedo. Pikachu tries to use Thundershock, but is thrown out of the fight by an Umbreon. Red turns around to see Courtney, and recognizes her from before. Her Umbreon manages to beat Brendan's Sharpedo, granting Courtney and her team access. She warns Red, May & Brock not to follow her, as it could prove dangerous, but they follow her anyway.

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