The cast of Pokemon Generations, a series by Emily Rowsell focusing on key events from all seven generations. 

Hoenn Cast

  • Lucas Medeiros as Magma Leader Maxie
  • Jasper Danielson as Magma Admin Tabitha
  • Sarah Rivest as Magma Admin Courtney
  • Cassandra Teravolt as Magma Admin Aidan
  • Markus Corrigan as Aqua Leader Adrian
  • Caroline Marks as Aqua Admin Shelly
  • Randy Demerchant as Aqua Admin Matt
  • Alysa Gregoire as Aqua Admin Ambur
  • Nadia Skorenky as Winona
  • Devaney Williams as Serena
  • Alexandra Maltez as Valerie
  • Jason Sarandon as Callum
  • Delaney Wilson as Elesa
  • Maddie Zeller as Shauna
  • Jack LaRochelle as Tierno
  • Danika Walsh as Dawn
  • Laurie Fraser as Skyla
  • Michelle Kamitsure as Zinnia
  • Jeremy Stylinson as Brendan
  • Aliana Akebi as May
  • Keagan Wilson as Asriel
  • Aydan Wilson as Lucas
  • Jackson Haines as Jack
  • Elaina Panting as Caroline
  • Damien Marcus as Norman
  • Josh Murano as Steven
  • Emily Rowsell and Steven Sarandon as Primal Groudon/Primal Kyogre

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