Guzma's Dream Team, also known as "Team Skull is #1", is a Pokemon MMD created by Aliana Akebi. It is a parody of "We Are #1", and features Guzma attempting to prove that Team Skull is, in fact, #1.


  • Jason Sarandon as Guzma, the leader of Team Skull. He loves his wife and son very much, and wants to support them in any way he can. He wants to impress Gladion's beautiful, but uptight fiancee, Winona, by capturing Professor Kukui. However, he is worried that the plan will fail, and Winona will marry her former flame, Commander Tabitha Homura.
  • Kallie Rizzi as Plumeria, Guzma's 16 year old loyal admin. She is very supportive of Guzma's descisions, and will remain loyal to him through thick and thin. She is also Winona's best friend, and was thrilled to bits when she announced her engagement to Gladion.
  • Jasper Danielson as Gladion, Guzma's 12 year old son. He is engaged to Winona, daughter of Team Magma's leader, Maxie. He loves Winona very much and will do everything within his power to support her and keep her safe. However, he is worried sick over their relationship, when Guzma plans to capture Kukui to impress his uptight fiancee.
  • Jessica Evans as Winona, daughter of Maxie, leader of Team Magma. She is engaged to Gladion, and loves him with a burning passion. However, she is stingy and uptight, easily impressed, but easily turned off. She is desperate to find lasting love with Gladion, however, her former flame, Tabitha Homura, wants to get engaged to her instead.
  • Quinn Fabray as Lusamine, president of the Aether Foundation and Guzma's wife. She is devoted to her son, Gladion, and will do whatever she can to satisfy him. She loves Guzma very much and is always willing to assist him. She also joined Team Magma to get closer to her son and his fiancee, Winona. 

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