Act 4 of Do What You Want by Celosia Dias

Everyone is onstage. Lorekeeper Zinnia takes a seat on the edge of the stage

Lorekeeper Zinnia: Gather round, everyone! It's storytime! I'll be reading a tale of days gone by

Aqua Leader Adrian: Let this be a warning. This is not for the faint of heart. If you are too chicken to listen, you may leave now!

Elesa & her ladies-in-waiting stand up & prepare to leave

Lorekeeper Zinnia: Now now, Adrian, do not scare the young ones...and Elesa. For those who are weak of heart, this may shock you to your SOUL, so keep that in mind.

Elesa: I change my mind! However, i-if I were to become scared... (extends her hand towards Commander Tabitha), W-will you hold me?

Tactical Commander Tabitha: Of course, my lady. You'll be perfectly safe, I promise. Now, come rest beside me.

Elesa curls up beside him, her head on his lap. He strokes her hair with his hand. The followers of Elesa do the same with their respective Team Magma Agents. Courtney & Maxie hold each other's hand. Zinnia cracks the cover of her book, and starts to read.

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