Act 3 of Do What You Want by Celosia Dias

The Team Aqua Executives stand to the left, discussing their plans

Executive Shauna: Ambur & I are going to sweet talk Leader Adrian

Aqua Admin Matt: We will set our sights on Admin Shelly

Aqua Admin Ambur: Remember it has to look like their idea

Executive Edward: Ambur, you worry too much. We've got everything covered!

Winona & her followers start to scream hysterically

Executive Edward: Now, what's this? Is she starting that again?

Aqua Admin Matt: That spoiled little heiress will not want me to have to come down there

Executive Shauna: Don't even risk it

Winona: You will let me out right now! I said now, not 2 years from now! Right now!

Winona & her followers escape. The Admins & executives circle them, preventing any means of escape

Executive Edward: Well, if it isn't Princess Winona. Think you're too precious for us, right?

Lady Kali: Stand back! You will do well to treat her with respect

Aqua Admin Ambur: (sarcastically) Or what?

Lady Serena: That is no way to address her! Need we remind you who we are?

Aqua Admin Matt: Our prisoners?

Lady Linnea: You can act all uptight & brave all you want...but just you wait! When you are captured by Team Magma, you will be pleading for mercy from us!

Lady Katelyn: By now, Team Magma will have already sent their most elite agents to rescue us

Aqua Admin Ambur: Interesting...but how do they know where you are?

Lady Serena: Don't be an idiot. They know it is this one!

Executive Shauna: I could be wrong, but your rescuers are nowhere to be found. I suggest we get rid of you before they arrive!

Aqua Admin Matt: Let's just pitch them off of our base & be done with them!

The rest of the cast enters & encircles Winona & her followers, pushing them dangerously close to the edge

Everyone: You're done for!

Lady Katelyn: Someone, please save us!

Lady Serena: Undyne the Undying, please have mercy on us!

Everyone: Your end is near!

Winona: I must.......hold on!

Tactical Commander Tabitha: Stand back and keep your distance!

Commander Tabitha & Team Magma enter. Winona breathes a sigh of relief. The Team Aqua Executives surround them, preventing any means of escape.

Team Aqua: T-Team Magma?

Winona: You really came?

Team Magma Agent Asriel: Fear not, Miss Winona. We of Team Magma are here to rescue you

Team Aqua Admin Matt: We won't let you take her easily. She is our prisoner

Tactical Commander Tabitha: Surrender her at once!

 Team Aqua Leader Adrian: I must admit, I didn't expect for you to show up. Winona is fortunate to have someone like you looking out for her

Tactical Commander Tabitha: I have been protecting her since she was young. I stayed close to her side. However, I never expected you to take her that easily. 

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