Act 2 of Do What You Want by Celosia Dias

Act 2

The New Recruits and the Executives are onstage

Executive Shauna: Alright newbies, it's time for Adrian to warn you about...T-Team Magma!

New Recruit Isabel: Team Magma? D-Didn't that girl from before say anything about them?

Aqua Admin Ambur: Leader Adrian, we are ready to commence training!

Aqua Leader Adrian comes onstage, looking extremely furious. He is dressed in bright pink. The Executives laugh at how ridiculous he looks

Aqua Leader Adrian: Do I hear laughter? You better not be insulting me, Admins

Aqua Admin Ambur: No. It was us admiring you

Aqua Leader Adrian: Enough. Let's get straight to the point

Adrian & the New Recruits move to the center of the stage

Aqua Leader Adrian: Listen, newbies. Team Magma is our sworn enemy, and one of many teams you may cross paths with. However, they are not pushovers. I used to know their great leader, Maxie, when I was younger

New Recruit Kayla: Their leader is named Maxie? I can't believe this!

Aqua Leader Adrian: Yes, Kayla. Maxie is the forefront of Team Magma. His girlfriend is the beautiful Courtney Kagari, and they have a fair, beautiful little girl named Elesa

New Recruit James: You mean the Elesa we captured?

Aqua Leader Adrian: That's right. However, Team Magma has probably already sent their most elite agents to rescue her. If I know better, Commander Tabitha Homura will be spearheading an attack on our base of operations

New Recruit Isabel: You mean their going to fight us?

Aqua Leader Adrian: Team Magma will end up fighting us if Elesa is injured, or put in danger. However, I want to avoid any confrontations with Team Magma. Commander Tabitha will not take any threat towards Elesa lightly. He and his men are well-trained to deal with anyone capable of hurting Elesa

New Recruit Victor: Exactly what are you going to do about this?

Aqua Admin Matt: Unfortunately, not much. We are nothing to Team Magma. And I reckon Courtney is worried sick about her daughter. However, we must be careful not to hurt her in the slightest. Elesa is under Commander Tabitha's protection, and he will not hesitate to kill anyone who dares to hurt her.

New Recruit Kayla: What happens if Team Magma attacks us?

Team Aqua Leader Adrian: We are at a disadvantage. Team Magma has specially designed equipment, including steel-reinforced battleships, that can easily damage our base. Take into account their specialized weapons as well, since they are known to carry assault rifles, and they are still superior to us.

New Recruit Isabel: Why can't we just let Elesa go?

Team Aqua Leader Adrian: Unless you want to have Commander Tabitha's steel-reinforced assault rifle pointed down your throat, Elesa shall not be released.

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