Act 1 of Do What You Want, by Celosia Dias.

Act 1

Three young new recruits enter from each entrance & race down the aisle, looking over their shoulders

New Recruit Kayla: Hurry up! They're going to find us!

New Recruit James: I'm going as fast as I can!

New Recruits James, Isabel & Kayla stop halfway, panting & looking back

New Recruit Isabel: Do you think they saw us?

New Recruit Kayla: Yes! That is exactly why they're chasing us!

New Recruit James: Do you think they know who we are?

New Recruit Victor calls to James, Isabel & Kayla

New Recruit Victor: Quick! Over here!

Kayla, Isabel & James hide with Victor. Aqua Leader Adrian & Aqua Admin Shelly enter menacingly.

Aqua Leader Adrian: Don't think you can hide from me!

Aqua Admin Shelly: This is plain not right. Where could they be?

Adrian & Shelly go to their respective sides of the stage. They look furiously for the new recruits

Aqua Admin Shelly: I will stay here, while you go down below

Aqua Leader Adrian: A fine plan, Shelly!

Shelly drags two of the newbies onstage. Adrian follows suit.

Aqua Admin Shelly: You four are going to be sorry you dared to disobey Leader Adrian!

New Recruits: Spare us, for we have done no wrong!

Aqua Leader Adrian: '''(taking New Recruit Kayla to the side) Was it you?

New Recruit Kayla: No, Leader Adrian!

Aqua Admin Shelly: (taking hold of New Recruit Victor) What about this one? Does he look familiar?

New Recruit Victor: No! Let me go

Aqua Leader Adrian: Confess now

New Recruit Isabel: We've comitted no offense!

Pippy the Pidgeot flies onstage. Executives Edward & Shauna come onstage & encircle the new recruits.

Pippy: SQUACK! Hello! SQUACK!

 Executive Shauna: If you don't mind my asking, why do they newbies look so afraid?

Aqua Admin Shelly: These four were trying to escape

Executive Edward: You'll pay the price if you fail to heed the orders of Leader Adrian & Admin Shelly! They pretty much own the place!

Executive Shauna: Do you four have any idea where you are?

New Recruits: No, we don't

Executive Edward: You were hired to be a member of the ruthless Team Aqua! The coolest team in the Hoenn region since Torchic was a great starter!

Executive Shauna: The winds blow in your favor, young ones. Team Aqua is the most ruthless team in the Hoenn region! And we are the coolest Executives around!

Aqua Admin Ambur & Matt come out of hiding in front of the newbies. They look on in horror. The executives finf thid amusing.

Aqua Admin Ambur: All right, who tied us up in there!?

Executive Shauna: (laughing) Haha, did an admin like you get all tied up like that?

Executive Edward: Perhaps you should be demoted!

Aqua Admin Matt: Is that a threat?

Aqua Admin Shelly: Can't you four get along? Especially right in front of the young ones?

Aqua Admin Matt: We're sorry, Miss Shelly. Anyways, do you four want to become the greatest member of Team Aqua? Then listen up! We'll show you how to fight!

New Recruit James: Huh? Fighting?

New Recruit Isabel: I'm a pacifist. I can't fight

Aqua Admin Ambur: We'll show you how to say "Nyeh heh heh!"

New Recruit Kayla: What the hell does Nyeh heh heh mean?

New Recruit James: I don't like Papyrus...

Master Paris enters.

Master Paris: Get ready to set sail!

Aqua Leader Adrian: Everything ready, Paris?

Master Paris: Hoi! Everything's ready! Shove off!

Aqua Admin Shelly: Hoi, Paris! Shoving off!

Master Paris: Perfect. I'd best be on my way!

Master Paris exits. As he does, a group of girls rush onto the stage!

Winona: Wait! Hold on! Isn't this Team Magma's secret base?

Everyone: No!

Lady Kali: Quick! We must be on the wrong ship!

Lady Serena: What kind of ship is this?

Everyone: It's Team Aqua's base of operations!

Lady Linnea: T-Team Aqua! We are on a ship filled with no-good criminals!

Everyone: That's what we are! And proud of it!

Winona: There has been a mistake! I am the daughter of Team Magma's great leader. I shouldn't be here! I would rather sell my SOUL to the Underground!

Executive Edward: That can be arranged!

Winona stands up & curls up in a corner. The Admins & Executives get closer to her.

Executive Shauna: Out here, you are no heiress. You're just a stowaway!

Executive Edward: Why don't we just throw her & her posse off of our base!

The Executives get closer to Winona. She starts to panic.

Winona: Do not get any closer to me! If you touch me, the great leader of Team Magma will see to it that you are locked up forever, never to be seen or heard from again! I am under Team Magma's protection, so you will never get close enough to hurt me!

Aqua Admin Matt: I could be wrong, but I see no one from Team Magma here at this moment!

Executive Edward: Give it up. They're never going to find you anyway!

Lady Katelyn: Don't underestimate Team Magma! If anything happens to their great leader's daughter, they will stop at nothing until she is returned safe & sound.

Lady Kali: They have been protecting Winona ever since she was a child. They would never let anything happen to her!

Lady Serena: (taking out her Holo Caster) Miss Winona, I sent our current location to Team Magma. 

Executive Edward: You did what?

Winona: When you're a heiress, & you have an elite team of agents trained to protect you, then you are destined to return safe & sound!

Aqua Leader Adrian: I have heard enough, Winona

Aqua Admin Matt: Take her & her followers away. I can't stand her. 

The Executives surround Winona & her followers. Winona puts up a fuss.

Winona: When Team Magma arrives to rescue me, you will all get what you deserve!

Winona & her followers struggle as they're lead off the stage. The rest of Team Aqua, irritated by Winona's demands, leave as well. The scene shifts to show Team Magma's base of operations.

Team Magma Agent Callum: Commander Tabitha, we have an emergency. I-its Winona. She's being held hostage by Team Aqua. 

Tactical Commander Tabitha: That can't be. I have been guarding her since she was young. Still, without my protection, she is nothing. We can't afford to lose her. Send word to our divisions immediately...but it would be best not to inform Leader Maxie & Lady Courtney. 

Team Magma Agent Callum: R-right, Commander Tabitha!

The rest of Team Magma, including Maxie & Courtney, enter

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