The cast of "Do What You Want," directed by Celosia Dias

Cast Members

1. Markus Corrigan as Team Aqua Leader Adrian, leader of Team Aqua. He is naturally extremely ruthless and demanding, and expects a lot of his organization. He is the sworn enemy of Maxie, the leader of Team Magma, and their organizations clash frequently. His dream is to awaken Kyogre before Maxie awakens Groudon, but since his four Executives don't want to step up, his position worsens by the minute.

2. Caroline Marks as Team Aqua Admin Shelly, Adrian's second-jn-command. She is gentle and warmhearted towards the entirity of Team Aqua, even towards Team Magma. She believes in raising new members like children, and treating them right, however Adrian disagrees with her method of training. Though she doesn't care much for him, Adrian has a huge crush on her, and they are seen holding hands frequently.

3. Jessica Bayes as Team Aqua Executive Ambur, one of four Executives in Team Aqua. She specializes in making impressions, and works alongside Shelly. She tends to be pushed aside by the others as she is female, but is always ready to assist in a crisis. She, much like Shelly, is generally nicer to the new members, but never to Team Magma, as she practically fears them.

4. Randy Demerchant as Team Aqua Executive Matt, one of four Executives, and the unofficial leader. His specialty is battling, and strikes fear into the hearts of even the most valiant members of Team Magma. Unfortunately, he is ruthless towards his own organization as well, often intimidating new members. He is shown to be modest however, but hates both Executive Shauna & Executive Ambur for being females.

5. Anne St. Aubin as Team Aqua Executive Shauna, one of four Executives. Her specialty is Pokemon raising, and she tends to work alongside Shelly & Ambur. While she is strict and demanding, she loves her team members greatly. When it comes to Team Magma, they practically fear her. She is confident and stylish, and every female member aspires to be like her.

6. Carl Mecham as Team Aqua Executive Edward, one of four Executives. His specialty is training, and is quite skilled at it. He is not feared by Team Magma, but is feared by Maxie, himself. He, unlike Matt, doesn't care that Ambur & Shauna are Executives, he just wants them to do what they know is right. He is determined and resilient, and doesn't back down from any challenge.

7. Roxanne London as Winona, Maxie's 15 year old, kindhearted daughter. She is considerably weak, and is often Team Aqua's prime target, as she is the daughter of Team Magma's leader. As a result, several members of Team Magma, lead by Tabitha, are entrusted with guarding her until she is 18. She was also placed under Commander Tabitha's protection at birth.

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