Team Aqua's Base of Operations, somewhere east of Lilycove, 7:35 p.m.

"So I presume that Courtney has already given birth," Adrian, leader of Team Aqua said, awaiting the final report. He knew very well that a young Team Magma admin was pregnant with his sworn rival's child, but had yet to know if she had given birth. Adrian knew that this child would one day overthrow his own organization, and he was determined to not let that happen.

"Leader Adrian, I have just received a report on her condition," Shelly, admin of Team Aqua said, softly. "Courtney has safely given birth to a daughter. According to the report, her name is Esmeralda. Both Esmeralda and her mother are perfectly fine."

"Then we must take action now," Adrian responded. "We must do something about Esmeralda, or she will overthrow us. I suggest that we capture her."

"Is this really necessary?" Shelly replied, concerned. 

"If we want Team Aqua to live on, Esmeralda has to be taken care of."

"You realize that Team Magma's security is tight since Esmeralda's birth? Even if we managed to infiltrate their hideout, a highly elite division of Team Magma grunts will be protecting her."

"Then we shall show them no mercy," Adrian remarked. " If Team Magma intends to protect her, then they are standing between us and Esmeralda, and must be eliminated."

"Very well, then," Shelly responded, calmly. "When will this operation take place?"

"Right now."

Team Magma's base of operations, Lilycove City, 9:30 p.m.

"Leader Maxie..." a Team Magma grunt inquired, hesitantly entering his leader's private room. "I'm very sorry to interrupt you, but I must inform you of something."

"Is everything alright?"

"Leader Maxie, i-it's Team Aqua. I have received a report that they might be trying to infiltrate our hideout."

Maxie immediately exchanged glances with his young Admin, Courtney Kagari, the mother of his newborn daughter, Esmeralda. Realizing quickly that Team Aqua's plans involved his newborn child, Maxie immediately devised a plan. He gently touched Courtney's hand, wanting to reassure her that everything will be alright. Courtney was terrified, but trusted her leader completely. She knew he wouldn't allow Team Aqua to hurt her, or Esmeralda. Having reassured Courtney, Maxie ordered two grunts to take her and Esmeralda to Sector 320, where he would immediately devise his plan.

"My loyal team members, we have a tense situation," Maxie said, directly addressing his team members. "Team Aqua will be trying to infiltrate our hideout, and their plans involve my daughter, Esmeralda."

"My love, are you sure that she will be alright?" Courtney asked her leader, with tears in her eyes. She was still concerned for her daughter's welfare, but Maxie comforted her, promising his young Admin that their child would remain safe.

"We must make sure that our security is extremely tight," Maxie continued, holding Courtney's hand. "Every entrance in our hideout must be heavily guarded. Stay on high alert, and be ready for action. As for Esmeralda, she must be protected at all costs. I will deploy a squad of highly elite Team Magma grunts to ensure Esmeralda's safety, and protect her from the threat ofTeam Aqua. As for myself & Miss Courtney, we have our security forces with us. They should keep us safe if Team Aqua were to invade our hideout."

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