Team Magma's base of operations, Lilycove City, 3:04 p.m.

"Leader Maxie, I have received a report that we should prepare a trip to the Kalos region," Team Magma Admin Tabitha Homura remarked, hesitantly entering his leader's private room. "We seem to be increasing in popularity, as they desire to become a part of our organization."

"I'm sure Courtney would enjoy that as well," Maxie responded, gently stroking Courtney's hand. "Her pregnancy is really having an effect on her. She's been very sick, and in pain. However, she seems to be alright when I'm here, comforting her."

"Are we going to...the Kalos region?" Courtney asked weakly. Maxie held her close to him.

"Yes, my lady," Tabitha responded, gently touching her hand.

"I would love to accompany you, but I'm really not feeling well," Courtney replied softly.

"You won't be alone, my love. I will be with you."

"Leader Maxie...I love you."

"My leader, I will plan a safe route for yourself & your pregnant Admin. I will do everything within my power to ensure that you & Miss Courtney are protected."

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