Delta Emerald is a series created by Alannah Scott. It focuses on Pokemon Emerald version, from the point of view of Esmeralda Kagari, daughter of Team Magma's leader. It seems to focus on the Delta Episode as well from Esmeralda's POV. 


In the year of 2003, a young Team Magma admin named Courtney Kagari became pregnant, and safely gave birth to a girl she named Esmeralda. As Esmeralda was genetically related to Maxie, Team Magma's leader, she was declared the second-in-line at birth. Just a few days after she was born, Team Aqua, the sworn rivals of Team Magma, received a report that Courtney had given birth. As a result, Adrian, Team Aqua's leader, orders them to kidnap Esmeralda and potentially kill her, as she is the daughter of Team Magma's leader. However, knowing that Maxie has entrusted several Team Magma grunts with guarding her, Adrian orders Team Aqua to "show no mercy," and kill anyone standing between them and Esmeralda.

A few days later, several members of Team Aqua manage to infiltrate the heavily guarded Team Magma hideout, and they take Esmeralda with them. However, they are surrounded by Team Magma grunts, acting on orders from Maxie to protect her from being killed. They manage to escape with Esmeralda and take her to their hideout, where she will either be killed or spared. Courtney becomes extremely terrified for her daughter's welfare, but Maxie comforts her, saying that she will be rescued no matter what. He orders Tabitha Homura, the 27 year old commander of Team Magma to save Esmeralda, and he immediately creates a recon team of 26 Team Magma grunts to accompany him.

Initially wanting to kill his sworn enemy's child, Adrian refuses to harm her, instead taking a shine to her and wanting to raise her as his own. However, their hideout is assaulted by Team Magma, and they immediately fight back, leaving Esmeralda in the process. As the two teams continue to fight, Tabitha rushes to his leader's child, relieved that she is safe. Holding Esmeralda close, he orders his team to leave, now that they have rescued her and Esmeralda is returned to Courtney safe and sound. However, Maxie does not want to take any chances, and orders a recon team to protect Esmeralda from Team Aqua. Tabitha, himself, takes a shine to his leader's child, and promises the young Esmeralda that he will protect her no matter what, and keep watch over her always. 

When Esmeralda turns 14, she becomes captivated by Pokemon contesting, and idolizes celebrity contest star and gym leader Winona Nagi. She uses contesting as a way to break free of living 14 years behind Team Magma's defenses and seeing the real world for the first time. Winona Nagi became Esmeralda's mentor, and the two began to compete in contests. She ends up winning a Master Rank contest in Lilycove much to her surprise. However, now that she's a celebrity in the contest world, Tabitha warns her that she is placing herself in danger. Esmeralda responds by saying that she will be fine, as long as they're together. Tabitha promises her that he will never leave her side, and the two become extremely close with one another.

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