Songs from "Dawn Of The Reverse World," by Celosia Dias. This also includes dance performances & scores.

Dance Performances

1. I'm An Albatraoz: Performed by the Black Light Team (Azra Collins, Stephanie Lancaster, Fiona Greenridge, Bianca Cartwright, Santanna Wallace, Grace Caddick, Hanna Marshal & Emma S. Zeswick.)

2. Little Swing: Performed by Professional Skippers (Sonata Haynes & Mable Biasi.)

3. Time Of Our Lives: Performed by Mable Biasi, Sonata Haynes, Emma S. Zeswick, Hanna Marshal, Grace Caddick, Fiona Greenridge, Bianca Cartwright, Azra Collins, Stephanie Lancaster & Santanna Wallace.

4. Hurry Up And Save Me: Performed by Kaelan Carnet (Maxie), Warren Hudson (Tabitha), Sophia Rey Jenner (Cynthia) & Aliana Akebi (Diantha).

5. On The Floor: Performed by Victoria Greenridge (Dawn), Marcus Collier (Kody), Ellody Lancaster (Destinie) & Lorelei Finn (Trina).

6. Life Is A Fairytale: Performed by Jazmyne Young (Viola), Katelyn Hale (Korrina), Breanna Malette (Olympia) & Malyna Cousins (Valerie).

7, 3: Performed by Witney Carson (Zinnia), Alanis Tremor (Caroline), Eva Steele (Flannery) & Jodie Windsor (Caitlin)

8. Somebody To Love: Performed by Iris Lopez (Selena), Michelle Bara (Cassandra), Emma Slater (Kylie), Alysa Greenridge (Mavis) & Hanna Wright (Brittany).

9. International Love: Performed by Isabel Quinn (Courtney), Skye Hudson (Alexa) & Veronica Neveu (Madisyn).

10. Heaven: Performed by Kai Holker (Liana), Hazel Brooks (Maylene), Brooklynn Rooney (Roxanne) & Fintan McCann (Darius).

11. PonPonPon: Performed by Alexander Amodeo (Will), Travis Whaley (Victor), Lucas Almeida (Cheren) & Taron Mitchell (Maren).

12. Electricity: Performed by Taylor Rooney (Lisia), Lyric Carson (Ellery), Nisha Dias (Brynn) & Miranda Stein (Tinsley).

13. Bo Peep Bo Peep: Performed by Braden Coolidge (Calem), Bianca Dias (Serena), Bryony Bara (May) & Lucas Reis (Brendan).

14. As Long As You Love Me: Performed by Azra Collins (Tate), Lexi O'Sullivan (Liza) & Cassie Steele (Winona the Draconid).

15. One Thing: Performed by Martha Wright (Candice), Madeline Medeiros (Fantina), Emma Cousins (Elesa) & Dana Burgess (Skyla).

16. Stitches: Performed by Cast


1. Opening theme: Ghetsis's theme

2. Team Galactic Commanders: TGC battle music

3. Furesode Girls: Luminose City theme

4. Valley Girls: Team Magma/Team Aqua leader theme

5. Cheerleaders: Zinnia's theme

6. Preppy Girls: XY Elite Four Theme

7. Hipsters: XY Gym Leader Theme

8. Surfer Dudes: ORAS Surf theme

9. Contest Stars: Contest Spectacular Hall theme

10. Pokemon Trainers: Diamond & Pearl trainer battle theme

11. Gym Leaders: Black & White Gym Leader theme

12. Tate & Liza: Team Flare boss battle music

13. Draconid Winona: Wally's battle theme

14. Dawn: Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf theme

15. Stranded Champions: Diantha's theme

16. Giratina Encounter: Arceus theme

17. Giratina Appears!: Giratina's theme

18. Panic Ensues: Giratina theme + BW2 Ghetsis theme in foreground

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