Danika's POV

"Welcome, candidates, to your first of four initiation tests!" Lucas Medeiros, the training co-ordinator of Team Magma said, confidently. "You will be pushed to your breaking point."

I realized why I was kept out of initiation quickly, and held Asriel's hand tightly. I'm really worried, but I trust Asriel with my life. I know he wouldn't let them hurt me.

"Anyways, we will start with...Victor Jamieson &...Danika Wilson!"

I became paralyzed with fear. I shouldn't be part of this. Asriel & I exchanged glances, not knowing what went wrong. However, I didn't want to seem weak, so I carefully made my way past everyone. I glanced back towards Asriel, and he seemed intensely concerned for my welfare.

"Isn't she the one we rescued from Team Aqua?" a female Team Magma grunt inquired, seeming concerned. 

"She is..." Asriel said, calmly. "I should know, because I was the one to hold her and comfort her. I should know because I never left her side."

"She just recovered from life-threatening injuries," said Admin Courtney. "I don't want her to get hurt again."

"Unless she can defeat someone twice her size," Lucas continued, "she would be annihilated by Team Aqua. She has to know how to handle herself."

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