Danika's POV

It has been two weeks since I was placed in a coma by the highly elite Team Magma, and I was slowly starting to awaken. Unfortunately, I am heavily disoriented and confused, and as a result, I fell asleep. Considering I was unconscious for two weeks, this was the last thing on my mind. However, I am still alive as a result of Team Magma's efforts. I don't know if I'd even survive if they weren't there to save me. 

Asriel Dreemurr has never left my side, and is beside me, holding my hand. When I finally woke up, he seemed pleased, and hugged me tightly. The others merely stared, then reported back to their leader. I recognized one of them, the only female, with long blonde hair that cascaded down her back. I knew exactly who she was...Lusamine Dresden, President of Aether.

"Lusamine?" I asked her, shyly. She spun around, intrigued.

"Captain Mallow's little sister?" she replied formally. "I knew you were special."

"Thanks! I rarely get compliments, much less from Aether's President."

"Danika, you deserve it. You've been through so much at your young age."

Lusamine kissed my hand, then went back to finishing her rounds. I curled up beside Asriel, taking his hand in mine. He seemed touched, and held onto me.

"How is everything, Asriel Dreemurr?"

I turned around to see the leader of Team Magma, alongside his two admins. Naturally, I became shy, but was reassured that there was nothing to worry about. 

"Leader Maxie..." Asriel began calmly. "She seems to have made a complete recovery. Her vital signs are completely normal, but some of her wounds haven't healed properly, and most likely never will. She is not in pain, but is very shy and will take some trusting to get her used to anyone."

"I see. You must be Danika. I'm relieved everything went according to plan."

"I-I'm not going to leave, r-right? Y-you're not just going to release me since I-I'm better now, r-right?"

Asriel held me closer to him. "If you'd like to stay here with us, you are most welcome to. Same for if you'd want to leave. However, no matter what, you will stay safe. It's your choice, but we will stay behind you no matter what."

"In that case, I'd love to stay here."

"I just want to reassure you, Danika, that nothing is going to happen to you, even if you eventually leave," their leader remarked, giving Asriel a knowing look. "There is no chance of Team Aqua hurting you. Our base of operations is heavily secured at all times. Even if our security systems malfunction, we won't let them touch you. It will not occur without a serious fight, and even then, my team members are very well trained. Asriel, you of everyone in Team Magma should know."

"That's right, Danika," Asriel replied formally, holding me close to him. "Team Aqua will not hurt you. The sworn duty of Team Magma is to protect the weak from organizations that desire to prey on them for being defenseless and scared. Your shyness and inability to trust easily makes you a vulnerable target. However, Danika, you are with us now. We will protect you from Team Aqua, I promise."

"That's very reassuring..." I said, shyly. Asriel & Leader Maxie exchanged glances.

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