Confident is a Pokemon MMD by Emily Rowsell, parodying the hit track Confident. It is about Brendan Bara, and his many feats that almost deport him back to Johto, but instead, he is forced to fight Red & Blue.


  • Jaimee Kennedy as Brendan Bara
  • Markus Corrigan as Norman Bara
  • Lucas Medeiros as Maxie
  • Danika Walsh as Winona
  • Jasper Danielson as Tabitha
  • Alannah Myles as Courtney
  • Kyle Duval as Gary "Blue" Oak
  • Ethan Hacult as Jordyn "Red" Sparks
  • Sarah Rivest as Elena "Leaf'" Marshall
  • Ryan Richardson as Adrian
  • Nadia Skorenky as Team Magma member #1
  • Cassandra Stone as Team Magma member #2
  • Lucas Reis as Team Magma member #3
  • Aidan Fraser as Team Magma member #4
  • Keagan Wilson as Team Magma member #5
  • Lorelei Wilson as May (uncredited)
  • Caroline Marks as Caroline (uncredited)
  • Emily Rowsell, Aliana Akebi & Randy Demerchant as Team Magma supporters (uncredited)


Brendan Bara, a kid from Olivine City, Johto, has recently moved to the Hoenn region, but has gotten into serious trouble. His crime spree started when he egged the house of his friend May, and from there, he pursued racing, and more egging. His father, Norman, often accompanied him to get him out of trouble, by saying it was "teenage mentality," and his mother Caroline, had no idea this was going on. Unfortunately for Brendan, his antics were proving to be too much for Team Magma, an organization that had fallen victim to him one too many times. They planned to conduct an operation to possibly deport Brendan, and used Maxie's young, beautiful daughter, Winona, as bait, as Brendan was particularily fond of her. 

As Brendan and his dad cross a dark alley, Winona walks in front of him, which draws his attention. He catches up to her and expresses his love for her, to which she asks him to pay up. Norman pays $5,000, and poses for a picture with her and his son, saying that she is a fine girlfriend for Brendan. However, Winona presses a button on her body camera, signalling for Team Magma to rush into action. Before they can arrive, Norman pushes Winona and Brendan into a kiss, to which Winona backs away, stunned, and visibly blushes with embarrassment.

As Brendan heads for another kiss, Commander Tabitha Homura, who spearheaded the takedown, rushes forward with 3 of his team members and surrounds both Norman and Brendan. Two female members around Winona's age, rush her to safety, as she blows Brendan a kiss. While one member of Team Magma frisks, then releases Norman, Commander Tabitha and the other two surround Brendan, who is shaking with fear, and confused. However, Brendan, still confused, attacks them, which makes forces Team Magma to subdue him. As they rush off with Brendan subdued, Norman overhears Commander Tabitha issuing a deportation order.

During Brendan's trial, he is initially told that he will not be sentenced, but immediately, Maxie, the leader of Team Magma, rushes forward, accompanied by his daughter, stating that he has received word of public outcry, wanting Brendan to be deported. Later, several supporters demand that Brendan go back to Johto, including May, who is upset that Brendan egged her house. Adrian doesn't let up, which visibly pains Maxie. Brendan laughs, then decides to egg the demonstrators (excluding Team Magma). However, Maxie firmly believes that deporting Brendan will not bring justice, and orders Commander Tabitha to lead him to the "Genwunner Torture Room." Commander Tabitha hesitantly agrees, and he and Team Magma surround Brendan and escort him to be tortured by Genwunners. In a deleted scene, Winona is seen visibly uncomfortable during this scene, often becoming clingy and nervous. However, Maxie is quick to reassure her, promising that he will keep her safe, and such an incident won't happen again because of her engagement to Commander Tabitha. Winona sighs, then follows Commander Tabitha into the Genwunner Torture Room.

Once inside, Commander Tabitha and Team Magma stand behind a glass pane, and release Red and Blue. At the last moment, Winona is pulled inside by Commander Tabitha, and the two hold hands. Blue berates Brendan

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