The next day, Brendan and Grandpa Steve eagerly awaited the opening of Cinnabar Island's Rare Candy emporium. Brendan, himself was particularily excited, since he had heard about Will McCallister since he was young. It would be his first time away from home, and he was determined to make the best of it. He desperately wanted to know more about the other four kids, and if they would like him. His moment was arriving pretty close, as all four children and their parents stood beside him and Grandpa Steve. Unfortunately, they were more interested in themselves then they were with Brendan.

Gary Oak was dressed in a onesie, eating a Rare Candy concoction with great pleasure alongside his mother, Maddy. Ethan Rivest was in a video-game sweatshirt and jeans, playing Pokemon Gold on his Game Boy Color, while his dad, Corey, looked on. Winona Dreemurr was absolutely beautiful in her halter-necked silver dress, black tights, and Furret-fur coat, accompanied by her dad, Maxie, the leader of Team Magma. And last, but certainly not least was Brittany Stevenson, dressed in a tracksuit matching her mother, Shelly. 

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