Brendan Bara and the Legendary Pokemon is a crossover between CATCF (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Pokemon. It focuses on Brendan Bara, a young kid from the Hoenn Region, securing himself a position in the Cinnabar Factory Of Rare Candies. The other contenders are: a Call Of Duty enthusiast from the Sinnoh Region, a highly competitive gymnast from the Unova Region, a snobby impatient heiress from the Kalos Region, and an impulsive overbearing kid from the Johto Region.


  • Jaimee Kennedy as Brendan Bara, a young child from Hoenn. Though his family is tight on money, he wants to make the most of whatever he manages to have. He was the last winner of the Ancient Mew, and is sweet & kind.
  • Macey Leigh Lopez as Caroline Bara, Brendan's mother. She is a stay-at-home mom, and loves her son greatly. She was pleasantly surprised when he won an Ancient Mew.
  • Jason Sarandon as Norman Bara, Brendan's father. He works as a Gym Leader, but doesn't earn much, since he is the first Gym Leader of Hoenn. He loves Brendan dearly, but worries about him a lot.
  • Jack Richardson & Maylene Aniston as Marcus & Elaine Bara, the parents of Norman and paternal grandparents of Brendan. Marcus is considered crazy, but his devotion to Norman is nonewithstanding. Elaine loves her grandson dearly, but doesn't care for Caroline that much.
  • Lillian Cartwright & Nathan Hacult as Taylor & Steve Hewits, the parents of Caroline & the maternal grandparents of Brendan. Taylor is devoted to Caroline, and is always giving her fashion advice, whereas Steve only wants Caroline to think of herself.
  • Cassandra Teravolt as Brittany Stevenson, a highly competitive Unovan gymnast, whose guilty pleasure is Silph Co. Rare Candy gum. She is known as a world record breaker in gymnastics, and can backbend with ease. She lives up to the pressure of her exstatic mother, who demands that she exert the best.
  • Danika Walsh as Shelly Stevenson, Brittany's competitive, pushy mother, who was once a record-breaking backbender and gymnast in the Hoenn region. She disdains Brittany's rebellious attitude, but understands that she is growing up. She is kind of a "soccer mom" cliche in a sense that she demands the best out of Brittany.
  • Nadia Skorenky as Winona Dreemurr, the snobby impatient heiress of Team Magma in the Kalos region. She is treated like a princess, always getting whatever she wanted and basically running Team Magma's show. However, deep down, she is very sweet to the point of being sugary.
  • Lucas Medeiros as Maxie Dreemurr, leader of the dragon-slaying Team Magma and proud father of Winona. Though he resents his daughter's constant demands, he truly loves her and would do everything in his power to support and please her. However, his love for his young girlfriend is much stronger.
  • Sarah Rivest as Courtney Kagari-Stone, the mother of Winona. She is actually a Team Magma Admin entrusted with carrying and giving birth to a new ruler. Despite that, her loyalty to Maxie & Winona is undying and she truly loves them greatly.
  • Jasper Danielson as Ethan Rivest, a video-game enthusiast from Sinnoh. His passion is violent video games like Call Of Duty, which is his guilty pleasure. Unfortunately, once Ethan becomes addicted to it, he craves it to the point of suffering withdrawal.
  • Crystal Callaghan as Dawnessa Rivest, Ethan's mother, who actually shares his passion for video games, albeit she craves Dynasty Warriors. Dawnessa is so obsessed with it that Ethan's middle name is Lu, after Lu Bu from the same game!
  • Ryan Preston as Corey Rivest, Dawnessa's husband & Ethan's father, who despises his wife & son's video-game addiction. He is pleased when Ethan receives an Ancient Mew, as he takes the opportunity to drive him off of Call Of Duty once and for all.
  • Jake Duval as Gary Oak, an overbearing impulsive kid from Johto, who loves Rare Candies above all. It was his love of collecting Poke Cards that lead to him discovering an Ancient Mew. However, Rare Candy trumps all for Gary.
  • Kara Fitzgerald as Maddy Oak, Gary's generously proportioned mother who also shares an interest in Rare Candies. It is revealed that she helped Gary with his Poke Card collection, leading him to discover an Ancient Mew.
  • Grey Collins as Professor Samuel Oak, Gary's grandfather. He was a top Pokemon researcher, before he lost that title to Andrew Elm, Amanda Juniper, Augustine Sycamore and Ellys Kukui. He adores Gary and shares his penchant for collecting Poke Cards.
  • Xavier Richmond as Will McCallister, an extravagant Elite Four member and owner of the Cinnabar Rare Candy factory. He is the original creator of the Rare Candy, among other useful items and treats. He is a Pokemon freak, with the desire to help discover a new Legendary Pokemon.


In the extravagant Kanto region, Will McCallister decides to open his long abandoned Rare Candy factory, but only to 5 lucky kids. He distributed 5 Ancient Mew cards into his famous Poke Trading Cards, and waited to see who would be lucky enough to get them. In Littleroot Town in the Hoenn region, young Brendan Bara is intrigued, but knows that he will never be lucky enough to get an Ancient Mew, since he only gets one pack of cards a year. However, his parents, Norman & Caroline, decide to put together their savings to get Brendan two for good luck this year.

2 weeks later, Brendan returns home to hear that the first two Ancient Mew cards had been found: one in Johto and the other in Kalos. The first one was found by Gary Oak, a pudgy pale teenager who adores Rare Candies. It was revealed that he received 3 packages and the second (given to him by his grandfather, Samuel) contained an Ancient Mew.

The second was discovered by Winona Dreemurr, a snobby impatient heiress of Team Magma in Kalos. When she had learned of the cards, she demanded to have one. Her father Maxie, all the more eager to please his pubescent daughter, ordered all of his team members to check every Poke Card in Kalos for an Ancient Mew. The search lasted for 3 days, until one member, revealed to be Tabitha Homura, announced that he had found an Ancient Mew. Nonetheless, Winona was pleased.

The third Ancient Mew was found by Brittany Stevenson, a record-breaking gymnast who adores Silph Co. gum candy. She found it while backbending, which pleased her mum, Shelly. The fourth was found by Ethan Rivest, a video-game enthusiast from Sinnoh while playing Dynasty Warriors against his mum, Dawnessa. In a twist of fate, Brendan happened to secure himself the fifth Ancient Mew, as well. 

On the fateful day, all 5 kids were shown to the public (Gary & Maddy, Ethan & Corey, Winona & Maxie, Brittany & Shelly, and Brendan alongside his grandpa Steve.) Will was all the more excited to see them, but showed them a little demonstration he'd been working on. Unfortunately to Will's dismay, it caught fire and incinerated, causing Winona to back off impatiently. Will lead the 5 kids inside, showing off his variety of treats and items, to the young kid's excitement. Before long, Winona notices something awkward, which turns out to be really little creatures, dubbed Ultra Beasts by Will. While the four other kids seem intrigued, Winona demands to have one, and Will promises he will get her one eventually. Seeing a gigantic river made of melted rare candy, Gary runs over and starts to drink from it. Will warns him not to, but soon after, Gary gets caught in a drain and wedged in between a pipeline draining the river. At this moment, the Ultra Beasts start singing a 50's reggae, and Gary shoots out of the pipeline. Panicking, Maddy asks Will where he went, and Will replies that it is likely Gary isn't hurt at all. The four remaining kids, Will and Maddy board a frigate to the Legendary Isle to see if they can find Gary.

Though Gary is nowhere to be found, Will explores the Legendary Isle with the kids. Brittany soon become intrigued by some Silph Co. rare candy gum, an begins to chew it. Unfortunately, this is the Gijinka model of gum, and Brittany, unknowingly expands into a Snorlax! This horrifies her mother, Shelly, and the Ultra Beasts, intrigued, sing a 60's disco. Shelly is infuriated at Will, saying that her Snorlax daughter will never be able to compete again, but ever-helpful Winona taps her shoulder and says she could compete in a Battle Tower. Will asks some of the Ultra Beasts to take Shelly & her daughter to the De-Evolution room to de-evolve Brittany, and others to take Maddy to the processing room for Gary. Pleased, Will keeps going with the tour, alongside Brendan, Winona & Ethan. 

The next room is dubbed the Yungoos Test Room. Seeing how cute and adorable the Yungoos are, Winona excitedly asks for one. Will changes his mind, and says that his Yungoos will not be given out freely. Maxie gently offers $5,000,00 for them, but Will declines his offer, saying that Yungoos are rare Alolan Pokemon. This upsets Winona, who willingly strides inside, only for the Yungoos leader, Gumshoos to order them to attack her. Once she is pinned down, Gumshoos taps her head hard, while Winona cries out in agony. Maxie demands to know what is happening to her, only for Will to laugh and say they are testing her to see if she reacts to pressure. Unfortunately for Winona, she is immediately thrown down a tiny hole by Gumshoos and Yungoos, to which Will says, laughing, that she is going to be incinerated, just like all the defects. Maxie rushes inside to rescue his daughter, only to narrowly miss being attacked by Gumshoos. Unfortunately, Maxie (and by extension, Gumshoos) end up with the same fate as Winona.

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